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Powerful aromas, crispy crust, creamy crumbs and nostalgic flavors, memories of the happiness of the past and ever.

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Handcrafted, home made cakes and pastry, with natural and seasonal products, flavors reminiscent of childhood and summarising our admiration for tradition.

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Our team travels incessantly with the aim of offering our clients products that represent the great cultural and gastronomic diversity that exists in the world.

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No doubt wine and good food go hand in hand. That is why the world of wines and their culture must be part of our categories.

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Quality as the main foundation. It’s bread as a luxury good, not because of the price but because the craft that goes into each bread.

The effort and excellence as ingredients of our products.

Boulangerie “Chez Nogueira” opened its doors in the 50’s with the simple, humble idea of producing daily a quality bread. With six basic and noble ingredients: flour, natural yeast, water, salt and time. Especially time. Nothing really important in life comes fast, the essential and important things take time. Long fermentation. And no additives.

More than half a century later, thanks to the respect of this know-how, to the care with which we treat our products, to the use of selected ingredients, ecological and sustainable, to artisanal production methods, the respect for the times of fermentation, and, in definitive, for the passion of the job well done, we have managed to continue to earn the respect and admiration of all lovers of quality bread and to be a reference in the city of Lausanne.

Our on purpose limited product range guarantees exceptional quality and freshness. All our products are manufactured daily in our bakery.

We select the best available ingredients from the market and our flours are solely of Swiss origin.

Most of the daily work is done manually, respecting traditional methods, minimizing the use of yeast and without additives of any kind. Nothing like the hands of our experienced bakers to work the dough and know when it is ready to bake.

We are a team of men and women who only care to use the best ingredients and all the know-how accumulated during long nights next to the oven’s heat, who strive to make the best possible bread for those other men and women who are our clients.



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Do you deliver?

If you are a wholesaler (event, business, hotel, restaurant). You can pick up your products directly from the bakery or get delivered within Lausanne and surrounding area. Our delivery rate will be adapted to your order.

When do I pay for my orders?

You can pay your orders when you pick them up with either card or cash.

Do your products contain nuts?

Our ingredients are listed on each one of our products, if a product contains nuts you’ll see it in our ingredient list.